Maybe the only problem with health in general is the business around it. Experts who use ‘expertise’ to sell and the end of their talk. Nothing is more true in the field of sleep. I have tried, researched and measured everything regarding sleep; and there is one truth: there is no linear path to a sound sleep if you’re looking for perfection.

I tried intermitted fasting, wih and without melatoni, alcohol, versus 1 glas, 3 glasses etc, etc. Its just not linear, which means that there is no sound science that guarantuees you perfection. There is only one guarantuee, and that is that controlling your thoughts is the best guarantuee for a quality sleep.

The Pareto rule, rules also your sleep. It means that 80% of the result is established by conctrolling your thoughts and comfort and 20% all the rest. Which does not means that you also can argue that a good sleep (versus excellent) requires a certain base level.