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MIlco Linssen

Hi-I’m Milco Linssen. I turn sleep into your super charger

[An open letter to life lovers]

From age 30, or so, sleep starts becoming an issue.

Your body changes slowly and thoughts disrupts your sleep.

The big misunderstanding is that thoughts costs you, your sleep, not that cup of coffee or blue light.

Once you’re aware that sleep is a game between you and your thoughts, you just have to master it.

People ask me “why should i care about sleep?” Well:

You can buy anything in the world except more time. Only well rested you can enjoy it!

I researched every sleepadvice, and discovered that most of them are myths or not practical.

At the end of the day, we all want:

to sleep hassle free and make sleep our super charger, instead of an energy drain.

Join me in the revolutionary journey for your life: sleeping in the ZERO ZONE.

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How about the next step in health, energy and personal effectiviness with sleep as your super charger?


The revolutionairy concept of sleeping in the ZERO ZONE


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