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We create reliable content about and around sleep. Sleep is for everyone, everyday, and for around 80% of all adults above 30 a (non-medical) problem on a regular basis.

Our core belief is that sleep is part of a healthy lifestyle, like healthy food and exercise, and that it is learnable. Sufficient and quality sleep makes a vital contribution to health and overall quality of life.

Our content is based upon the concept of ‘sleepy-days’ in which you balance sleep to maintain enough physical and mental energy for a pleasant lifestyle. A sleepy-day is a day in which you decide to get 8 hours of quality sleep.

Milco Linssen is the creator and author of De Slaapcode (The Sleep Code). In 2015 he developed a completely new pillow ( The company now has thousands of customers, and research shows that everyone is looking for the answer to “HOW can I sleep better?”. Milco decided to conduct further research into everything that affects sleep quality.

With new insights, Milco designed a method step by step. Ultimately, these became “10 codes”, based on research and real customers. He now gives workshops about it. The book is scheduled to be published in 2020, and the method will also be available online as a program.

Keywords : comprehensive, groundbreaking, answer to ‘HOW’, clear content and design.

The basis for De Slaapcode are conversations with customers, who rarely know what healthy sleeping is and how you can positively influence it. It is kind of like eating healthy: to do it, you must learn how to read a label and recognize what is healthy. This is also the case with sleeping, partly because you are quickly dismissed as a ‘sleeping patient’. In the media you often read the same nonsense everywhere, because everyone talks to each other without thinking.

The biggest insight for Milco was that the problem with sleeping is a combination of restless thoughts and comfort in bed. That is also the key to better sleep. In De SlaapCode, Milco teaches you that positive thoughts can also keep you awake – they are sleep disruptors, just like worries, but need a different approach to tackle them. It is precisely those new insights that are so valuable and that really help you improve your sleep.

Before he founded the pillow brand Pritcher and wrote The Sleep Code, Milco owned an advertising / marketing agency for 10 years, developed an e-learning system, made software to make outcomes of healthcare visible, and set up an association for medical specialists with 5,500 members.

The company Sleepy-Days aims to be a leader in providing quality information about better sleep.