When sleep is your business,

better make it a great experience

When sleep is your business,

better make it a great experience

is natural, but sleep well isn’t

The most common misunderstanding is that sleep is something that works all by itself. It’s not. 80% of all adults sleep to short and/or not good enough to have a full energized day. When it comes to the hospitality business this matters most. 3 reasons why:


On decoration you can’t sleep

Off course a good looking room will make a difference, but it doesn’t improve sleep.


A great mattrass without a great pillow delivers still a poor sleep

Until now the hospitality business has a focus on decoration and promises. That’s okay and an important dissatisfier; it means it becomes rapidly a basis which doesn’t create a recognizable impression that leads to word of mouth and a top of mind position, which is the essence for recurring business.

To create satisfiers you have to focus on adding value on the core element of the business: sleep.


You don’t sleep better on promises


Yes, you can say that your rooms are better, that the service is excellent etc., etc., but it comes all down to the fulfillment of it and the way it matters to the core needs of the guest.  If there is one opportunity in the hospitality business, it is creating a tangible difference in the sleep experience.

We combine know HOW to sleep with real products and luxury marketing

When entering the essence of the sleep-business you’re entering a holistic world that requires knowledge of pillow design, how to sleep and luxury marketing. That’s our know how. We create a better sleep experience tailor made to your formula with innovative pillow designs and ideas, shop concepts, apps, content to offer guests everything to make the sleep experience tangible that creates a lasting impression for recurring business.

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With our know HOW, designs and creative luxury marketing approach, sleep makes all the difference between an average and great business

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